What Drives Me

In 1994 I made a commitment to bringing forward exactly what the world needs to solve its greatest challenges. It became clear to me: a civilization that invests in its inefficiencies is not sustainable. Getting our use of the wheel right for moving heavy weight over land became my drivetrain for innovative thinking that would lead society toward sustainability… Read More

Why Do Railroads Matter

Even beyond reduced emissions, the efficiencies of railroads generate many benefits. One of those benefits is a much lower impact on communities than highways. One train passes through a neighborhood in four minutes while the same cargo requires a tractor trailer every thirty seconds for one and a half hours. Railroads also alleviate highway congestion…

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Why Now?

For humanity to succeed with billions of us on a planet of fixed physical capacity, we must move goods from place to place as efficiently as possible. Addressing urgent environmental challenges requires an increased use of rail transportation, supported by collaborative, whole systems practices that transform supply chains and how capital and resources are invested…

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What’s the Plan?

We answer these challenges with a new way to think, plan, and invest. Our supply chain work models a much-needed shift—from capital and resource investment narrowly focused on individual projects, to regional, national, and global collaboration. Displayed below are our for-profit and non-profit entities that research and develop this model…

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Recent Writing

I honestly wish that the OnTracknorthAmerica blog post that I wrote to Mr. Buffet over 10 years ago, when he bought BNSF, was outdated and obsolete by now. Instead, without changing a word, it’s more timely than ever.
The societal assumption that competition drives progress is becoming increasingly questionable. Our overdependence on it as an organizing principle is costly and inefficient. Can we design a more effective re-balance?
Like most of us, I thought I understood the Darwinian concept “survival of the fittest.” That is, until I actually read Charles Darwin.
North America has yet to achieve the full extent of railroads’ potential contribution to the economy, environment, and land use. In spite of the good work of railroad developers, investors and staff, as well as...

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Transforming Railroad Policy and Investment

The freight rail industry has a unique opportunity to address and overcome the systemic challenges that keep our immense contributions out of the spotlight and stifle significant capital investment waiting on the sidelines.

Watch the video or click to read the transcript of Michael Sussman’s powerful address at Railway Interchange 2019.


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